Scientific Research

Centre for protestant studies Gáspár Károli is a network-based international and independent hub for researchers based in Subotica, Serbia. The Centre conducts scientific analysis of interaction and parallels between Protestantism and various aspects of modern society. Main areas of research include: Sociology, Language and Literature, History, Education, Music, Theology, Law, Psychology, Culture, Art, Ecclesia, Minority Studies, Ethnography, etc.

Centre’s research activities are coordinated within its three principal scientific units:

  • Programme Council
  • Károli Library
  • Publishing Bureau

The Centre grounds its systematic research activities on ideas and questions posed by an in-house team of domestic and international scholars. Internal scientific research programmes are governed by the Centre’s Scientific Research Regulations (SRR).

All those interested to join the Gáspár Károli scientific research community are welcome to submit their application to the Centre’s secretariat. The research associate nomination procedure is carried out in accordance with the SRR.

For more information about the Centre’s research projects, please click here.