Dr. Mondovics Gábor

Date and place of birth:
December 22, 1972, Budapest Hungary

1987-1991 Eötvös József Gymnasium Budapest
1994-2000 Eötvös LórándUniversity, Faculty of Humanities, Budapest
2000–2008 University of Pécs, Faculty of Law
1998–2019 Szent Pál Academy, Budapest, theology

I started my university studies in the 1990s when I came across Slavic languages, along with their antiquities, religion, and culture, advancing my curriculum by attending a number of educational programmes in Sofia. Through scholarship grants, as well as personal fundings, I had the opportunity to get myself acquainted in more details with the South Slavic regions once occupied by the Ottoman Empire, developing a genuine affection for its inhabitants and their chronicles.

Since 2007 I have been teaching History of Eastern Church on pre-graduate and post-graduate university programmes. The syllabus includes a specific overview of the history of the Balkans in terms of religion, culture and politics. In my work, I had the opportunity to get a personal insight into the recent conflict in the region. Among other things, I was involved in a CEU research project on Islam in Bulgaria, offering my contribution with a study of the status and culture of Pomaks, ethnical Bulgarian Muslims, living in the region of East Bulgaria.

Published works:

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